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Hair is said to be the crowning glory of a woman and it is one of the features that men are attracted to in the opposite sex. There are some women who have always wanted sleek, shiny, straight hair but struggle to achieve this. I should also just mention that men are also using hair straighteners to style their hair there days too. The most common complaint I hear is that the hair straighteners being used are just not straightening the hair properly. Well help is at hand, with the product information on this website you will be able to choose a set of hair straighteners that actually work. We have compiled a list of the top 5 best straighteners that have been selected because of their positive customer feedback reviews, high ratings and other factors such as durability, manufactured by a trusted, reputable brand and of course, best online price.

How Hair Straighteners Work

Hair straighteners, also know as hair straightening irons work by flattening out the hair in much the same way as a cloths iron would take out creases in fabric. The hair also has hydrogen molecules, which is the reason why it accumulates moisture. This causes the hair to bend and curl thus, making you suffer from a bad hair day. Hair straighteners on the other hand, work by releasing the moisture to give your hair a sleeker look. In the past few years, people have come up with different hair straightener products, ranging from chemical solutions, creams, shampoo to ceramic hair irons. Since then, consumers no longer have to suffer from bad hair days since there are many hair straighteners that are of high quality and work well. Straighteners from brand such as GHD, Vo5 and BaByliss work extremely well and are brand names that have created some of the best straighteners available. Even very curly, frizzy or afro hair types which you many have found impossible to straighten can be straightened perfectly with a set of GDH IV Marks for example.

Best Types of Hair Straighteners and Methods

One of the most common and easiest methods of straightening the hair is by blow-drying it after washing it. This task might be easy to do, but it will take up time and results won’t even last the whole day. If you want results that are longer lasting, switch to ceramic flat iron straighteners such as the GHD brand mentioned above. These straighteners use special advanced ceramic heaters made from tourmaline plates thus, making it possible to achieve straight hair without the risk of tearing and pulling it. They are also static-free which means your hair stays where it should after each section has been straightened. If you read some of the GHD hair straightener reviews you will see why these are such popular products.

Some iron hair straighteners on the other hand, use the same technology utilized in pressing clothes. Although it works well, it has its limitations and people with curly hair cannot depend on this product to get the straight hair look. In fact, the moisture coming from the hair straighteners will only cause their hair to curl more.

Additional Hair Straightening Tips Worth Remembering

Ceramic hair straighteners are one of the best solutions in achieving a straighter and sleeker look for your hair. Some people even find it as the most convenient and effective product for straightening their hair. To get the best results however, there are certain techniques that should be remembered and applied.

Washing and shampooing the hair are the critical steps that need to be done before using a flat iron for straightening the hair. This will ensure that the ions released by the ceramic hair straightener will stick to the hair thus, giving you a longer lasting result. Before using a flat iron, it is also important that you dry your hair completely so that no moisture will cause it to bend and curl back to its original form.

To get the best results from ceramic hair straighteners, do it part by part so that every strand is straightened out. Controlling the temperature is also a vital step since using the wrong range of heat temperature will either cause your hair damage, or fail to give you the sleek look that you want. Perfect hairstyles are now an every day reality!

As previously mentioned, hair straighteners are becoming more popular with men and our top recommended product for men is the GHD mini.

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